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Brainwave Chronicles


Welcome to Brainwave Chronicles, a cerebral sanctuary where I curate thoughts and ideas inspired by my weekly digital forays. From newsletters and videos to articles and beyond, this meticulously crafted tapestry is woven from the finest sources and inquisitive minds.

Each week, I embark on an odyssey, unearthing fascinating insights and whimsical oddities that ignite the imagination. This section reflects the curiosities that enraptured my mind, offering a blend of relevance and intrigue.

Immerse yourself in this odyssey of ideas, and let the journey through my latest musings ignite your own brainwaves. From the profound to the peculiar, the Brainwave Chronicles are a testament to the boundless creativity and curiosity that define our digital age.


The Shifting Sands of Economy & Influence

·1386 words·7 mins
Global Insights Uncovered, Economic shifts, influence & power, private equity, cybersecurity, AI, and more. Plus, reflections on D-Day, creator economy, housing, existential threats, summer travel, and India’s election outcome.