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Building My First GitHub Profile README

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Creating a custom README for my GitHub profile was a game-changer early in my college journey!

As someone who has always loved computer science, this project was a fantastic opportunity to showcase my skills and personality. I was thrilled to discover how a few simple tools could transform my profile into a dynamic and engaging space. Starting was the hardest part, but once I got going, I realized there’s no limit to what I can achieve. Even if you don’t reach every goal, you’re still better today than you were yesterday.

Here are the awesome (and free!) open-source projects that made it happen:

The best part? These tools are accessible to everyone! If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to enhance your GitHub profile, I encourage you to dive in and start experimenting.

The best part of computer science isn’t about being the best coder or the person who can create the next Facebook–though I wish I could. It’s about being creative and finding ways to make your vision happen. This was my first project where I learned that I could do that and more, and I haven’t looked back since!

Happy coding!

P.S. You can check out the final result of my README project on my GitHub profile. Feel free to take inspiration and create something awesome!

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About Me #

I’m passionate about building the future of finance by harnessing the power of technology. I combine a solid foundation in data analysis, financial modeling, and programming (Python, React, Java, C++) to craft innovative solutions for a dynamic market. I thrive on turning complex financial challenges into streamlined, data-driven opportunities.

🔥 My Stats #

Shaukat’s GitHub stats

Code Maestro: My Digital Dialect Shaukat's GitHub stats GitHub Streak

🚀 Featured Projects #

Here are some of my notable projects showcasing my skills and experience:

  1. Financial Analytics Tool: Analyzes financial statements using Python, machine learning, and visualization tools (e.g., Matplotlib) to extract insights and aid in data-driven decision-making.
  2. Non-Profit Website: Developed a user-friendly website for a non-profit organization using React and Vue.js, improving their outreach and service delivery with a custom communication system.
  3. Blockchain for Financial Ownership: Implemented a blockchain solution on the Ethereum network to enhance transparency and security in financial transactions, showcasing my expertise in smart contracts and blockchain architecture.
  4. Custom AI Writing Assistant: Built a custom AI writing assistant leveraging NLP and machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch. This tool generates accurate and relevant financial market insights tailored to a specific writing style.
  5. Open Source Contributions: Actively contributing to open-source projects like Omnivore (,, and opnebb.

🔨 Languages and Tools #

I am proficient in a diverse set of technologies, including:

Tech Stack

🧠 Experience #

AI Engineer & Researcher - Post-training | Cohere #

Collaborated on the development of advanced AI models like Command R+ using Python, JAX, and Rust. Designed and implemented evaluation strategies to optimize model performance, experimenting with fine-tuning and reinforcement learning techniques. Developed pipelines for generating high-quality training data (both human-annotated and synthetic) and optimized existing data to improve model accuracy.

Finance Domain Expert | Cohere #

Leveraged my finance knowledge to enhance the model’s understanding and interpretation of complex financial language. Contributed to tailoring Cohere’s AI models for financial sector applications, particularly for enterprise clients. Played a key role in optimizing models for use in Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) systems, empowering financial analysis and decision-making.

Investment Banking Summer Analyst | SMBC, Diversified Industries Group #

Gained significant experience in financial analysis and presentations using PowerPoint and Excel. Contributed to the execution of leveraged and investment-grade debt transactions totaling $70 billion.

The University Financing Foundation (TUFF) #

Worked with a $1 billion real estate private investment fund, gaining experience in analyzing and managing educational assets. Optimized fund performance through strategic asset allocation as part of a team of analysts. Collaborated with universities to establish incubator programs, fostering student entrepreneurship and supporting promising startups.

Financial Analyst | Furman University Endowment #

Participated in asset allocation strategies for an $800 million endowment fund, covering diverse asset classes like venture capital, credit, debt, bonds, stocks, forestry, and real estate.

Let’s Connect! #

I am eager to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and explore new opportunities at the intersection of finance and innovation. Let’s build something remarkable together!

Let’s build the future of finance together! 🚀