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This section contains my thoughts and musings. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.


Omnivore Daily Digest

I’m a reading enthusiast, and this section features summaries of my daily reads, all crafted by Omnivore’s nifty AI summarization tool.

Brainwave Chronicles

Explore a medley of thoughts and ideas inspired by my weekly internet exploration. From the fascinating to the frivolous, it’s a reflection of the digital curiosities that captured my mind.


2023 Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey

Reflection on how the technology landscape has changed Exploring the survey results, I was fascinated to observe the diverse landscape of coding and programming, characterized by a multitude of languages and tools.

Book Notes

In this section, I share my reflections and insights on the books I’ve been reading recently. It’s a window into the literary worlds I’ve been exploring and the ideas that have captivated my mind.